Conscious Eating

Conscious Eating

We are all becoming more aware of healthier eating, not just the food and drink that we consume, but also the way we eat and drink.

No matter where we are, we are rarely far from an eatery or watering hole. 
We walk down the street, drive along the road, watch the television, listen to the radio or pick up any kind of media and food is there, in front of us. 
There appears to be an obsession with food and I don't mean in a supersize kind of way.

As a nation we are obsessed with dieting, but the problem is, once we jump on the diet train it is difficult to jump back off again and much of our lifetime is then spent yo-yo dieting!

Conscious's not a diet, it's a way of life

There is a simple rule to remember when it comes to eating, eat what you need, not what you think you want.

You wouldn't overfill the fuel tank in your car would you?
So why over fill your own fuel tank... your stomach

When we first entered this world our natural instinct was to eat when we were hungry and stop when we were satisfied. It is only as we grew and developed that our diet was disrupted by the adults in our life.

Were you born with a craving for sugar, or a hankering for junk food?

Did our predecessors expect apple pie and custard for desert after their meal - I think not!

Yes, I accept that over the ages our tastes buds have developed as we have discovered the natural foods out there, but we as a generation over the past 100 years are guilty of the poor eating habits of today.

It is us who have introduced the refined sugars, additives and excessive amounts of salt to our diets creating the cravings for fake foods rather than wholesome foods and it is through these developed tastebuds that we have contributed to much of the disease we now live with on a daily basis...
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular & respiratory 
  • Obesity 
to name but a few.

The problem is that all of these issues are putting unnecessary strain on our health service, when in fact, with a little re-education we can perhaps begin to claw back some self control, improve our own health and in save the younger generation from many of the issues we are guilty of creating.
An evolution of society has created a shift in the way we shop and the way we eat.

The Bewdley Hypnotherapy Healthier Eating Programme can be delivered either on an individual or group basis.

The programme has been developed to enable us to recapture those natural instincts we were born with and only eat when we are genuinely hungry. This programme is not a diet and the focus is more on the changing of body's shape as we re-educate the brain and body to work in synchronicity with one another. Eating consciously, focusing on how we eat rather that what we eat leads to a healthier, happier and more confident you.

It is important that you are aware that you will not suddenly drop a dress (or suit) size overnight, gradual reduction in size is far healthier and more maintainable than sudden reduction.

time, effort & compliance are required on your part, I am merely the facilitator of your journey

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