Who am I?

Who am I?

SpngWho am I?.. that is the million dollar question. when this photo from 2014 was taken, I have to be honest, I had absolutely not idea. It was taken a couple of weeks after my final chemo, I had been  expecting life to return to normal in an instant and it was around this time I realised that I needed  to find a new normal as normal no longer existed.

The realisation that my hair was growing back grey, curly and very slowly knocked my confidence immensely. My energy levels had decreased tenfold, my body no longer felt like my own; thanks to the chemo and hormone therapy and my brain, well, I don't think there are any words for what was going on up there (brain fog is a real thing you know!).

Over the following years any confidence I'd had had been shot to pieces - I had lost my identity as an individual and as a business person, I was lost.

I tried to reinvent myself on a couple of occasions, in network marketing and as a Nordic Walking Instructor, but neither gave me the satisfaction my previous role as  a Sports Therapist had given me, and as I have been self employed since the late 1990's the thought of having to go back to employment horrified me - I had two choices, I either let life beat me or I got my head down, dug my heels in even deeper and found something that fed my soul.

...and here I am, back on my feet once more, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, back where I belong, running my own business and helping others to create their own clarity from within.

When I embarked on my hypnotherapy journey early last year I really wasn't sure what to expect and I certainly didn't expect to find passion I have.

Each and every day brings new questions, learnings, challenges and new solutions.

There are so many ways in which hypnosis can help us as individuals to help us move through life in the way that we want to, be it personally, professionally or from a sporting perspective.
Now, I am not naive enough to think that hypnotherapy can work for everyone, nor do I think that everyone should 'give it a go', but I am glad I did all those years ago when I was finishing my sports therapy qualification.

We all face challenges in life and whilst many live their lives through social media, we never REALLY know what goes on behind closed doors, we all have skeletons that remain firmly hidden from the prying eye. But at some point it is likely that the closet will open and those skeletons really will need to be dealt with in order to help us move forward through life.

There are so many pressures in life, so many demands that the only way to truly deal with them effectively is to be kind to ourselves, to feed our souls the right food and not to bow down to the unnecessary demands of others, in other words, take time to step off the merry-go-round and take a close look at your life - are you truly happy or are you existing?
Are you being held back in some way? ...if so, how?

We are living twice as long as previous generations, disease and illness levels are far higher than ever and mental health figures are frightening, what is even more frightening is the the amount of young children and teens who are being affected by mental health issues, including eating disorders, anxiety and suicide.

It is us to us to lead by example, to show the younger generation that they don't have to put up with toxicity that surrounds them, to teach them that they are good enough and that they can achieve anything in life they want to.

It is up to us to teach them that they are all individuals, that you cannot compare apples with pears and that we create our own future with the decisions WE make.

So, as I come back full circle, back to my own identity crisis, I took that step off the merry-go-round, assessed my life and was reminded by those around me that I am good enough, I can be anything I want but I just needed to find the right food for my soul.

So the question is, have you found the right food for your soul?