The Problem with Cancer, is not the Cancer

The Problem with Cancer, is not the Cancer

The problem with Breast Cancer isn't the cancer itself, it's everything it leaves you with...

When I was diagnosed in October 2013 the cancer itself had never actually made me feel ill. It was just a lump, no other symptoms, just a small pea size lump.


To be honest, the diagnosis was more an inconvenience. I really didn't have time for all that mularky, I had a business to run, people to fix (I was a Sports Therapist at the time, and a rather busy one too). 

Once I'd been diagnosed I had 4 weeks of tests, scans and needles followed by a mastectomy & reconstruction, topped off with chemotherapy for good measure and hormone therapy too. 

I do feel that in comparison to some I had a reasonably easy 8 months...not sure I'd say the last 4 years have been such a walk in the park though. Pushed in to early menopause, hot sweats, sleepless nights, weight gain, anxiety, head like cotton wool, painful joints, damaged eyes, immune system depleted...the list goes on.

On top of this, as with any cancer, you live each day hoping that it won't return. In the early days panicking that the slightest twinge is the return of the dreaded 'C'.

But you have two options, you either let it get the better of you, or you say F*#K you cancer and get on and live life...Personally, I have opted for the second option. It took my Dad 16 years ago and in the 18 months prior to my diagnosis 3 other amazing ladies aged between 31 and 45 - this is just one of the many reasons I keep going. 

It has been a trying 4 years, trying to find myself again, looking for a purpose, searching for my new passion. I have lost 'friends' along the way, had others ask 'what are you doing now? I loose track' . But I understand that without walking in my shoes the daily demons are not understood.

So here I am now, August 2018 and I am starting to feel in control again, I feel that I finally have a direction, and although I am unable to to physically fix people like I used to, I feel that with the combination of my aloe vera business, wellness walking and hypnotherapy that perhaps I may be able to help fix people from the inside out.


They say that cancer is in us all and triggered by stress, so my aim, is to help take away that stress and help you to feel better from the inside out and help you take a step closer to a newer you.

Wishing you the best of health, wealth and happiness.

Adrienne x