The Marathon Runner

The Marathon Runner

The Marathon Runner is in a league of their own, it's no easy feat conquering those grueling 26 miles, climbing hills, racing along the flat and striding out downhill. 

The runner sets off with a sense of trepidation and excitement with the adrenaline pumping through the veins, surrounded by likeminded athletes determined to make the finishing line in a decent time. But, for some just making the finishing line will bring a sense of pride and achievement in itself. 

There is a science to running a marathon, a training regime to follow, making sure that both short and long runs are covered throughout the training week, ensuring endurance levels are where they need to be. Diet should not be taken for granted either. For the wrong fuel will hamper the job in hand... remembering to 'carb up’ and making sure sufficient protein is consumed for the body to be able to maintain and repair.


...and then of course there is the stretching of the muscles and the musculoskeletal maintenance too. With the aid of the magic hands of a massage therapist you'll certainly be kept on track and hopefully any injuries at bay as those muscles are kept in tip top condition. 

It's hard to believe that a marathon runner rarely covers the whole 26 miles in one run during their training period. Most train up to 20 miles maximum - knowing that you have the capability to run for a set time period is the key and burn out is to be avoided if you want to cover the distance on the day.

So much to be taken in to consideration, do you have the right footwear, will my kit chaff, how much water should I drink and what sustenance will I need en route?

All factors that could make or break you on the day. Even the change in weather conditions can have an impact on your dietary requirements as well as your kit. 

When it comes to physical events, we spend so much time preparing the body and actually little time preparing the mind. The power of the mind in competition is very much underestimated. Just think how much further, faster or higher you could go when the mind is properly prepared.

Are you guilty of psyching yourself out and allowing the self-doubt to sneak in?

I know that when I competed for Birchfield Harriers and in the Nationals as a youngster, I regularly told myself, 'I'm tired’ , 'I can't do this’, 'so and so is better than me’, 'I can't do hills’.

Sound familiar?

What if you could change your mindset?

What if you could stand on that start line and tell yourself 'I’ve got this’ or you reached that crucial 18 mile marker, the time when most runners hit the wall, and your coping mechanisms have kicked in enabling you to dig deeper than ever before, the self-belief stronger than

Wouldn't it be great! 

With the power of Hypnotherapy and visualisation you could take your marathon experience to a whole new level. You see the behaviour of self doubt is a learnt behaviour, we weren’t born with self doubt, we weren’t born believing that things were difficult, anything is achievable if we really put our mind to it.

Top performers don’t just rely on their physicality, they also do an awful lot of work on themselves…their mindset too is key. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all of a sudden you are going to turn into Mo Farah or Paula Radcliffe overnight, but what I am suggesting is that your sports performance could be improved with the aid of hypnotherapy and learning to get the very best out of you.