Love, what does it mean to you?

Love, what does it mean to you?

Love, what does it mean to you?

It means something different to each and everyone of us.

The Ancient Greeks had seven words to define the different variations of love
* Storage -  natural affection
* Philia - friendship
* Eros - sexual and erotica
* Agape - unconditional, divine love
* Ludus -  flirting
* Pragma - committed, married love
* Philautia - self love

Love is friendship, love is is passion and compassion, love is infatuation, chemistry and commitment - love is healing and happiness.

Personally I have experienced many versions of love in my almost 47 years on this plain and it is something that I won't ever take for granted.
I have the unconditional love of my boy, the love of a husband who loves me for who I am, the love a family who have given me the strength to become the person I am today - i am lucky, and I am grateful.

Most of us automatically think about our relationships when we think about love, and no matter how young or old we are relationships can prove to be a little these tricky at times.  
How many couples do you know who have the perfect relationship?.. what we see on the outside is rarely what goes on on the inside.  

Human nature causes us to compare ourselves and our relationships to those around us, but it is important to remember two vital points...
1. We are all individuals
2. Our relationships are unique to us as a couple because we are individuals

So why do we feel the need to compare?

I learnt some time ago now to compare my relationship with that of others is nothing more than a destructive act, it achieves nothing and can leave you questioning your own relationship.

I married for the first time back in 1999, I was relatively young and had little experience in the world of relationships and therefore really had nothing to compare it to. I am a firm believer that as couples we either grow together or we grow apart, and sadly, in this instance my then husband and I grew apart. There had been so many life changing experiences in our 15 years together, that I was no longer the person I was when we first met in 1997.

So here we are now in 2019 and I have been married to my now partner for a little over 2 years. Our relationship so very different to our first marriages. That said, when you're faced with cancer within the first 6 months of your relationship, it has a tendency to either make you or break you - I am relieved to say that all it did was make our bond stronger.


Our relationship has evolved so much in the 6 years we have been together. We no longer live in one another's pockets, although, even after all these years we have never left the honeymoon period and are generally attached at the hip when we are together.
It is important to not to take each other for granted, our partners, like our children,  are merely lent to us, we do not own them, as they do not own us. We each have our own individual lives to lead, we are all here for a different purpose, we have different needs, goals, wants and wishes.

Call me romantic, but in my mind, to truly love someone is to understand them, the trust in them, to nurture and help them to become the best version of themselves. We can only do this my giving them the space they need to grow, and in doing so, we too grow.

As I mentioned previously our relationship has evolved considerably. We are through the cancer chapter, I have finally got over having to close a successful business and found a new passion in Hypnotherapy, we have survived Julian's redundancy and have finally become comfortable in our own skin.

Each day, takes us in different directions, but each night if we're not out being sociable or still working (yes, we both love our work), we meet back on the sofa, catch up on the days events and are reminded once more just how lucky we are to have the unconditional love of one another.  

My other great love is my family. Again, without them I'd not be where I am today, neither would I be who I am today. Their input, love and support over the years has helped me to gain self belief, pushed me on when I've felt like walking away and were the first to teach me about unconditional love. Through them all I have learnt to love myself and only through learning to love myself have I have begun to find true happiness and contentment from within.

my boy and mejpg

To each and everyone of us love means something different. There is no right or wrong way to love other than to love genuinely from the heart.

That is what Love means to me, what does it mean to you?

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