February Was A Blast

February Was A Blast

Well that went by in a flash! I think it's fair to say that February, my first full month as a Nordic Walk Instructor was an absolute blast and despite the somewhat arctic conditions I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

When I embarked on this new adventure at the latter end of 2017 I really had no idea what to expect, I mean, Nordic Walking it's just walking with poles isn't it? Apparently not!  It appears there is far more to it than first meets the eye.

Lets take a few steps back briefly to October last year when I was due to head off to Derbyshire for my first weekend of Instructor training, I'll be honest, it nearly didn't happen. I was within a gnats wotsit of postponing until springtime of this year, making all sorts of excuses like I haven't got time, and who is going to want to learn to Nordic Walk at this time of year, am I just kidding myself that I can even teach?! ...Like I say, all excuses.

Fast forward back to January 2018, I have now done a few taster sessions and can see how much people are enjoying this Nordic Walking malarky.
There is something quite cathartic about seeing a moment of triumph in a clients face when all of a sudden the coordination kicks in and they realise that they have just been over thinking the process the whole time.
For the first time in what what feels like years,  I feel like I have a purpose again, I have my mojo back, something I really couldn't envisage after the Breast Cancer and my subsequent retirement from Sports Massage.

You see Nordic Walking isn't just about the walking, it's the package that it brings with it, the stress relief, sociability, laugher and friendships too.  You'd be surprised the amount of people, that despite being in a marriage or relationship who are lonely. Just getting out and about, doing a class, even if it is just once a week can make the world of difference to a person.

I set myself a target to teach 15 new people to Nordic Walk in February, alas I didn't quite get there, but I did teach 13 new people. So thats 13 new people who are getting active, improving their health, making new friendships and having fun while we explore the countryside. Despite having lived in Bewdley for over 40 years, there are many paths untravelled by myself. Nordic Footprints has led to the discovery of some wonderful places to walk and the meeting of some fabulous people from a variety of backgrounds.

So far we have walked the canal towpaths, climbed Jacobs Ladder in Habberley Valley, got stuck in the mud up in Ruskin Land, learnt about the history of the Rifle Range & Burlish Top, dodged golf balls at Gaudet Luce Golf Club, walked miles around Stourport War Memorial Park, chased squirrels at Brintons Park and discovered the bluebells at Hurcott Wood, so who knows where we shall end up next.

March brings us Mothers Day, Easter, Spring and the lighter nights, which means that I will be able to offer evening walks too, opening up the opportunity to those who are stuck in the workplace and  who may just fancy that cobweb blower at the end of the day, especially if it will help to blow away those Monday blues!

To all my "Footprinters" so far, thank you for choosing Nordic Footprints, I look forward to more adventures in the coming months, more laughter and a few cream teas and gin and tonics along the way.

To all future 'Footprinters' we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our very sociable gang.

If you are looking for a gift with a difference, for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, a retirement gift, or a gift for any occasion please do get in touch to find out more.

Happy March to you all.

Best Wishes

Adrienne x