Hi, I'm Adrienne and through the use of hypnosis I specialise in combatting the symptoms of everyday stresses and strains as well as Generalised Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

I am not here to judge, but to help you say goodbye to old outdated habits and patterns that are no longer relevant in the way you live today, and to create new and positive steps forward.

I regularly get asked questions like

Q. Can you really hypnotise anyone?
A. Firstly, it's important to know that all hypnosis is self hypnosis, we as the therapists are merely the facilitators.
20% of the population can't be hypnotised - children under the age of 5 (due to cognitive development), those who are unwilling and the severely mentally impaired as causes heightened stated delusions. 

Q.What can be cured with hypnosis?
A. Hypnosis is not a cure for anything. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind and allows us as individuals to tap in the resources we already hold within us but have forgotten how to access.  Imagine the brain as a filing cabinet that has got so mixed up over the years that you are unable to locate all of the correct files, with hypnosis we help you to reorganise those files and place them back where they need to be...where is right for you. 

Q.What are the side effects of hypnosis?
A. Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, there should be no physical side effects and most people leave feeling relaxed but invigorated. It is, however, important to remember that we are all individual and how you feel is different to how others feel.
Hypnotherapy can be an emotional journey. 
Q.What is the average cost of hypnosis? 
A. Hypnotherapy costs vary from therapist to therapist, but here in Worcestershire you can expect to pay anything between £50-£80 a session.

Q. Can hypnosis help anxiety?
A. Yes, hypnosis can help anxiety. When dealing with deep seated issues it is important to find the trigger in order to solve the problem

Mental Health Awareness


Many men are affected by mental health issues & sadly all too many go unnoticed.

Mental Health problems in the UK are rapidly rising & isn't something we should be afraid of.

Although there is little in the way of governmental and healthcare support, there are many ways we can help ourselves.

Here's a few tips from me...

1) Take 10-15 minutes for yourself each day, put down the phone, turn off social media and just be.

2) Exercise regularly, get some fresh air and blow the cobwebs away. This reduces in the cortisol (stress hormone).

3) Listen to uplifting or relaxing music.

4) Laugh & smile more, doing both of these will raise your serotonin (happy hormone) levels.

5. Eat a balanced diet, this will stop sugar spikes and rapid mood changes.

6. Drink plenty of water.

7. Get a good nights sleep.


I wonder if you're ready for change...

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As soon as you are ready to let go of the old you can discover how much you have already started to change